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Frost Mountain Summit

Round trip time: about 1 ½ hours
Elevation: about 1200 feet
Difficulty: mostly easy except for a few steep sections
The Scoop: Fantastic view of Mt. Washington & The Presidentials but you must head down the backside a bit to get to sunset rocks and the best views!

Peary Mountain

Round trip time: about 1 ½ hours Elevation: 958 feet Difficulty: mostly easy except for one steep section at the top The Scoop: Not a high mountain but the view from this bald granite summit is absolutely spectacular and comparable to all the taller peaks.

Getting There:
Brownfield ~ Farnsworth Road: At the end of the FMY entrance - turn left and travel further out Farnsworth Road about 1 mile. Go past a log cabin with fields on your left and the parking spot is on your right just before a narrow little bridge. This is where the snowmobile trail comes down from Peary Mtn. and crosses Farnsworth Road. Park here and walk down the road a bit towards the bridge and look for the trail on your left. Heavily marked with snowmobile trail signs. You may find it gated to keep out motorized vehicles but head on up.

The trail is an old logging road and currently utilized by snowmobiles. Climb gradually uphill through the thick forest and eventually the trail opens up and you level off across a grassy area. The trail to the summit veers off left and the trail is not well worn. There is a rock cairn to mark this turn. Opposite this turn is a campsite and old cellar hole. If you start heading down the backside - you missed the turn. The trail follows a split stone wall and then up a logging road. A few steps further look for the well traveled single track trail on your right that leads to the summit. There is another rock cairn here to show the way. From this point - you hike straight up to a spectacular wide open granite summit with a big stone bench - best spot for lunch in whole area!!


Round trip time: about 3 hours
Elevation: 1,575 feet
Difficulty: moderate
The Scoop: Once upon a time an old ski area - t-bar still intact but you'll only see this if you approach from the backside off of Dugway Road. Panoramic views to challenge any of the best views the valley has to offer!

Getting There:
Summer Route: At the end of Farnsworth Road, turn right and head South onto Rte 5/113. Travel down about 2 miles and you will come to a 5-way intersection with a gas station/general store on your right. Just past this store - take your SECOND right onto PIG STREET. Follow Pig Street to the end. Turn left onto Rte 160 South. You will soon pass Burnt Meadow Pond on your left. Go past the public boat launch and the trail head is 3/10 of a mile further down on your right. There is a small little parking lot on the right and very easy to miss. The trail head starts to the right of the lot and trail is very well marked.

This trail is steep in places but levels off often with many clearings and granite ledges so you can enjoy the views on the way up. The trail is rocky toward the top and often requires some scrambling to get onto the flat summit but the views make it all worthwhile!

Snowy Route: At the end of Farnsworth Road, turn right and head South on Rte 5/113. Travel down about 2 miles and you will come to a 5-way intersection with a gas station/general store on your right. Just past this store - take your FIRST right onto Main Street/Rte 160. Follow this down about a mile and a half. At the stop sign continue straight/left onto rte 160. A little further up this road look for DUGWAY Road on your Left. The trailhead starts on Dugway road where the snowmobile trail crosses the road. Look for the signs for snowmobile road crossings. There is a plowed area to park in on the right. Following the snowmobile trail signs heading east. (from the parking spot - cross Dugway Road) Turn right at sign for Burnt Meadow Mountain and follow for about 5-10 minutes. Look for an old jeep trail that heads up and to the right a bit as the main traveled snowmobile trail veers left. (If you missed this hard to find intersection - you will soon come to the t-bar around the bend on the flats - not good - go back a bit and look for the trail that heads to the summit) This trail is occasionally traveled by snowmobilers but is not always tracked out! You know you are heading right because it is a very obvious jeep trail and then goes straight up a steep section (skins a must here - this is an old ski trail). When you get to the top of the T-bar - this is a false summit so keep going. From here it is about another steady 20 minute trek to the summit. At the top you will find a very large, treeless, flat top with excellent views in every direction. Oh yeah, make sure you strapped on your board(s) or bring a sled because you can make nice turns all the way back to the bottom or enjoy the ride!

*** The YURT Book has a map within of the Burnt Meadow Snowmobile trail network – check it out before you go

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